CMYK Certified Proofs - What Do You Need Them for?

CMYK Certified Proof is very important for the offset printing as it serves to ensure not only color accuracy, but also content and page layout management. For the customer it is a test print that gives an idea of how the final print run will look like. It saves the cost of reprinting of the whole run, which may contain mistakes or unexpected color alterations.


A color proof is printed on a modern color proof printer, using calibration settings in accordance with the standard for digital color proofs ISO 12647-7:2013. The TIFF or PDF file is processed using the new EFI Color proof bitmap processor and printed with high resolution on EFI Certified Paper using a printer’s profile and a print process profile that ensure the maximum match of the color proof to the printing conditions.

It is possible to use both standard profiles and custom profiles. Then the accuracy of the color proof is measured with a special FOGRA-Medienkeil CMYK V2.0 scale. The deviation from the color reference should not exceed ΔE<3.


Quality Control

Each color proof is certified and has a mandatory "OK" sticker. This is a quality certificate indicating the results of the measurement of the Ugra/FOGRA Media Wedge scale, which confirms that the control scale was measured and the color deviations are within the tolerance of the ISO 12647-7:2013 digital certified color test standard.

Customer gets the proof of what the job will look like and if they like it they sign it, and the printer will use the approved CMYK color proof as a reference to match the color during the printing process. So getting a CMYK certified proofs is necessary for both sides - customer and printer, as it allows to avoid:

- misunderstandings due to the subjective perception of the color;

- complaints;

- reprint costs.

It also allows you to get high-quality printing.

We take your artwork and produce a CMYK color proof that can reproduce 99% of the Pantone library and exceeds GRACOL/SWOP, ISO standards. The best of it all, this double-checking will not move your deadline because:

Proofs are produced within two hours and delivered free of charge anywhere in New York City.

  • Our creative team is available 24/7.

  • Our consulting services are free of charge to make sure everything works well for you.

With other printers, what you get is what you get. Not with us.

Contact us today and order your CMYK Certified Proofs to get an excellent printed product and avoid any risks and reprints.

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