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The Benefits of Digital Printing for Small Businesses

Digital printing is fast, cost-effective for small runs and it can be personalized. At the same time, it allows to get products of very high quality and guarantees the color and high-quality identity of each print within both: the actual print run and further repeat runs. Thanks to digital printing, marketers get an effective advertising tool and the ability to adapt it to the target audience.

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Fast Execution of the Order

Printing on digital press can be accomplished in minutes after receiving the order. Everything is automated and done quite quickly. The client participates in the process only at the stage of checking the received layout preview. It is important for the client to make sure that the layout does not contain hidden layers, unknown fonts, the raster images in it are of good quality, and the layout itself is suitable in size for the medium on which it will be printed.

Low Price for Small Quantities

Digital printing does not require expensive preparatory work and complex setup processes, as we have in offset printing, where these costs are evenly distributed over each print in the run, so they are not so noticeable within large orders. But when it comes to small quantities or single products, the cost of one copy becomes very significant, so in this case digital printing technology is better. The ability to order a small quantity of printed products allows you to change the design of marketing materials more often, to adapt them to the needs of the market, seasonal offers, and design trends.


Quick Corrections

Even during the production, you can still make changes to the layout and continue the process. For example, if a mistake was made in the layout, and it was noticed during the printing process by the manager, you can still quickly fix it and start the production again.

Ideal for Personalized Printing Products

Digital printing allows you to add variable individual information to each printed sheet. It can be a serial number, a bar code or a personal address, as well as different images and patterns that are unique from print to print. In this way, you can print personalized materials for mailings, souvenirs (for example, calendars with the names of customers), business cards, booklets or catalogs with codes for receiving bonuses or participation in lotteries, and labels that are different from each other. This approach will ensure greater customer loyalty, increase interest in advertising products and attract a potential audience.

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