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Elite and Professional Photo Printing - Choose Which Printing Suits You Best

Photos are an experience on their own. Images are ways of grabbing attention of prospective clients and customers.

Whenever we look at a luxury brand's advertisement or website, we are most attracted to their photos and photo displays. Photos are what represent the brand image, aesthetic, and target audience.

The product representation in photos makes us believe in their quality, attracts us to their product, and gives a sense of want towards the product.

Retouching and editing their product photos is what makes brands stand out. The journey to a good brand image begins with the display of its product.

Artists and photographers rely on services like photo, giclee and fine art printing to enhance the look of their creations. The presentation in galleries requires a good quality product.

And to do so proficiently, one can use elite and professional photo printing services.

High-quality photo printing involves not only editing and printing but a variety of other processes and options.

What can you expect from a professional photo printing company?

Professional printing companies provide options for high-end retouching, digital and offset printing services. The service providers help you all through the process from layout to production.

The kinds of services that professional printing companies provide are:

  • Customized graphics

  • Prepress

  • Certified CMYK color proofing

  • Brand merchandising

  • Professional printing services.

Not only brand advertisements but artists and designers also require fine art printing services to showcase their work in the best quality artwork possible.

Considering the different kinds of needs according to the type of work, the demands and requirements of photo printing also vary.

For you to be at liberty to choose your preferred high-quality photo printing service, Color Consulting brings a wide variety of types of image printing services.

Types of Printing Processes Offered By Color Consulting

Wide and Large Format Digital Printing

Large format digital printing refers to any print that exceeds 36 inches in either width or height. This type of printing is used for a variety of purposes, including wall murals, trade show graphics, and outdoor signage.

Wide format digital printing, on the other hand, refers specifically to prints that exceed 36 inches in width. This type of printing is typically used for banners, posters, trade show graphics, and other large-scale projects.

It is an economical choice for short-term projects.

Among the types of inks available, which include solvent, UV, and Aqueous, the latter is most commonly used because of its high resolution, instant results, and ease of use.

This printing can be done with environmentally friendly inks on just about any material. You can do everything from banners for launch events to decals for your walls with wide-format printers.

Giclee Printing

The word ‘giclee’ in French means “to spray,” This process is most commonly used for fine art printing, including artwork, photographs, and other art pieces. For good quality printing, it is important to choose paper type and structure based on the artwork details and color.

The printing process combines the stability of traditional art printing and the easy process of digital prints. Thus, making Giclee prints famous for vibrant colors as good as the original artwork. Also, the variability of materials comes as an added benefit.

Prints of original artworks and photographs can be made to last long with high quality production, variability of materials and color accuracy.

Dye Sublimation Printing

This digital printing technology makes use of heat transfer. Sublimation printers are used to print graphics on special transfer paper with ink. Further, a heat press is used to imprint the material under the paper.

This process comes in handy when printing on apparel. Sublimation-friendly surfaces are also used for signs and banners.

It includes a variety of products, including:

  • Rigid products (mouse pads, key chains, smartphone cases, pet bowls, light switch plates,etc.)

  • Soft-signage (create on-demand, high-impact POP, tradeshow and interior signage)

  • Fabrics (woven texture and knit material)

  • Photo printing (magnets, wall mounts and photo-apparel, photo backdrops, etc.)

  • Ceramic tiles for interior designs.

Sublimation printing allows for diversity in shapes, sizes, and textures, along with the allowance to print both inside and outside. This form of printing is versatile, and the result is durable.

Digital Chromogenic Printing

The chromogenic color print is a photographic print created through a digital exposure system by exposure to LEDs or lasers. A light-sensitive material is used and washed using traditional photographic methods, i.e., the wet chemical process after exposure. Then the image is dried to be later scanned, cropped, and edited. The process is sensitive to time and temperature and needs to be continuously observed.

This printing process is best for small-quantity orders that require attention to detail. The results can be used for printing and framing photos, mounted prints, etc.

Direct to Board Printing

This high-tech printing process specializes in printing directly on a solid medium like wood, PVC boards, metal, plastic, etc. Prints on these materials do not require any lamination or extra finish.

Images are pressed on the laid-down sheets or boards. Many machines can print onto materials of up to two-inch thicknesses.

It is environmentally friendly as no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) evaporate during printing.

Digital Sheetfed Presses

This is a partially manual process, where either individual sheets are fed to the printer or a continuous feed roll which is later cut. High-quality results are produced in this process.

The process is reliable for small to medium projects, for example, letterheads, flyers, business cards, notebooks, etc.

While it is a time-consuming printing process, the project requires a low workforce and can be easily set up compared to other web printers.

The end product is exceptional, and the amount of waste produced is less.


As a professional retouching and high-quality printing company, at Color Consulting, we are eager to help you build your very own aesthetic and desired brand image.

Images are a big part of marketing and advertising, and appealing product images with vibrance can easily influence purchasing decisions and help you stand out compared to your competitors.

Beautiful, Professional, and Customized – These are the terms that we use to describe our results at Color Consulting. While believing in an individual collaborative approach for personalized results, we offer fast execution and quick corrections.

According to your needs, you can choose customized services. Options that offer you durability, quality, and color accuracy.

Whether it is artwork, photographs, or product images, creating stand-out and eye-catching images with our professional photo printing is our only goal.

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